Northern Norway Mission

Matty Moo on duty for the pink light on out 2nd day in this amazing place
Dennis Risvold, Matt Herriger, Henrik Sjøblom, Eivind Aurstad. First day out checking out this beautiful place. Hoping for a bit more stabile sun tomorrow. Good night.

"A Way of Life" -Norwegian adventure

Exploring Norway for the first time. I have been skiing some places before but never spending so much time before as this season. In the end I didn't ski alot compared to the time I spent but I got to know my country alot better and had first hand impression on what can be done in the mountains in the future. I got really inspired to do more. Hope you enjoy my little edit. You can see more more Norway shots in Chaoz Productions movie here, freeride and freestyle.
We where also filming for Karina Hollekims 2nd documentary and for my project that you can follow in "A Way Of Life".

Alaska # 1

(..okay thought this one was posted weeks ago..but here we go..more will come when I get my photos I somehow left behind on my drive..might take a few mission coming up..ill try more regular updates..)

Been dreaming about going here for years and finally I am! Wow, so happy!
Thanks to Volkl for giving me the opportunity to check out some of what this place is all about.

It was pretty crazy departure from Europe thought..I knew I was going here and tickets were booked for the 15th of March. Late afternoon thursday the 8th Harro called and said he did the mistake of a lifetime..we were suppose to be here a week earlier than he told us..he had written down in his calendar a week after our booking at North Point Heli..and asked if I could get on the plain asap..
The next 24 ours we spend trying to figure out how soon we good get out of could not be changed (not possible to get on the phone with United..!) and Friday at lunch time we bought new ones for Saturday morning. And luckily the visa applying went trough directly.
I had just received my new boots and rushed from Chamonix to Verbier to get them done with new liners and all. With me was also my new Kuro's 195 that I wanted to use on this trip but not yet mounted, or ever tried. Luckily Surefoot treated me well as usual and also found some guys to take care of my skis.
Back in Cham I packed my bag full of dirty clothes and tried to remember what was urgent to do before departure. Not much sleep was happening before I arrived in Geneva the next morning, but in one way thats was good cause then I was sleeping like a baby on the way over seas.
We arrived Sunday night at the North Point Heli in Cordova.
With a super friendly welcome and nice dinner I had to jump straight to bed. They said the monday looked good and we had to be ready to be on. And it was on!
First time ever in Alaska with completely new boots and skis I must admit I was very nervous. I couldn't stop thinking I would be f...if I didn't manage to get used to the new gear the first run. But it went fine. With my 195 Volkl Kuro's and my new Dalbello Scorpion 130 I set off in a mellow couloir and screamed all the way down my first run :-)
It was an unbelievable day! Mostly stabile nice snow, totally bluebird and no wind! A great crew, Tony, Lucas and Jeff-great times! And a great guide too, big up Tucker! After 12 ours on a mission we returned to the lodge. 8 runs my first day in Alaska was sick! I want more! Its now the 2nd downday cause the weather came in and Im so ready for more! Just started to get the feeling of it with the sluff and all. We europeans or scandies are not used to that. Its snowing a bit right now and I hope of all of my heart we will see the sun again soon!

(thihii we did!)

Flying in to Cordova. Beautiful!

Just arrived at the North Points Heli base. Pretty sweet to live here for a week!

Second run of the day. 1000m colour ready to be skied!

Next one up!
Capturing Lucas with my pocket cam after skiing my line. Loved his line, beautiful! 

Epic January!

So happy to finally ski powder every day! After the Volkl shoot the first week of the year I have spent alot of the time in Chamonix. No reason to go anywhere when my favorite spot to ski has been epic!
So except a few days road trip to see my partners at Ispo and checking out the Swatch headquarter in Switzerland I have been here playing around with friends, shooting and also coaching some youngsters a bit.
Time is flying as usual and with french style short term let apartment I am stuck without internet at home so will admit I'm not the biggest blogger these days..

Play alot and be safe, peace

Ane Enderud

Secret spot and light in the Chamonix area. Out shooting for Fri Flyt with Andrea Binning and Lucas Swieykowski. Photo Christian Nerdrum
Photo: Christian Nerdrum

Glacier route finding at Midi. Always exiting to ride on the photographers description on where to go when I don't see anything from above.Videoclip episode: Erlend Haugen/Steepcam.

Whohoo so much fun this full day shooting with local rider "Tof". Photo Erlend Haugen

Photo: Erlend Haugen

Last day In Chamonix before the qualifier for the world tour for the Norwegian up and coming girls.  I shoved them a new spot they haven't been before in Chamonix. We found step technical stuff to start with and then we went for powder cruise. Alot of fun this day! Later we took off to La Clusaz where the girls skied the Freeide World Tour qualifier. Soon you can see the episode from these days!