Ane Rødberg Enderud

My first trip to New Zealand!

Yesterday was suppose to be first compday, the backcoutry freestyle day. The weather was perfect and we headed up to the backside of Mt.Albert with the heli's to have a look, hoping the storm had given us the fresh soft snow we needed. This is one of the reasons they couldn't hold it..and the snow was crusty cause of the warm temp after the snowfall and then it froze nothing to charge at all..Not what we wanted..but we did the best out of it and had a session insteed:) It was so beautiful up there and I would love to ride these mountains properly!
Today was day off with some fun activities Ill post you about later. Now Im too busy eating ice cream and getting ready for the second comp day, the Freeride Day ;) Really hoping for some soft snow to play in!
Posting some of my snapshots and you can also check more on the event's facebook page

Heli briefing by the lake..wohoooow, nice!
Just got up there, Aline's first heli ride :) 
Checking the area to see whats possible, super cool terrain but not much soft snow around..
Good team up for building a kicker, Travis leading on in front

Finch getting some hangtime
Davenport is for sure getting his airtime
Our avvy dog, the coolest guy out there today ;)

02/07 The last days have been stormy and we have been chilling around doing some easy stuff.               
Walking around the lake, gym and spa...whohoo...its really beautiful here! 
Today Treble Cone resort was on all day, wet fresh snow, a bunch of riders taking off together and               alot of fun! 
Tomorrow the World Heli Challenge is on, really exited! Flying into these mountains will be
awesome! Did my scoping from the skydive the other day ;)


    30/07 This was pretty fun! Really nice view up there, some video action on its way ;) 

28/07 Wohoow! NZ is as beautiful as I have been told! View from the ski resort today :)

Morning coffee and a long breakfast and now its time to check out the Trebblecone skiresort!Yihaa!

Waking up before the sunrise and this was the view from my bed! Lake Hawea and some white mountains on the other side :)

 27/07 Flying into Queenstown, NZ last night. Wow looks nice!!

June Teaming up with Aline in Hossegor earlier this summer and planning the trip we started talking about this winter! Yesss we made it here girl! Lets have fun :)