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NZ # 3 - Its been amazing!

My last post from NZ, its been amazing, World Heli Challenge, skydiving, surfing, fishing, Volkl shoot, treeplanting and car rally.. to sum up some of this strip :) I loved it!

After the Heli Challenge was over we took off early morning from Wanaka. With some of the Volkl team it was time to explore and shoot the roots of NZ skiing, the clubfields. 
After six ours beautiful drive along the west coast, and it does look like "Lord of the Rings", we got to Athur's pass where we left the cars. For some reason it took a bit longer than expected when we ran out of gas 1km from the goal! Haha, no it wasn't the blondies fault! We had given the driving responsibility to the kiwi's. Tumbs up for Jason ;) 
Haha so glad we got our bags up the gods lift before they closed it thought. Its an our walk from the parking to Temple Basin lodge. You appreciate your skis, bags and camera gear to go that way insted of carrying on the way up the verticals. 
We got some quality time with the local Kea waiting for gas, thanks Jason, would't have had this amazing experience without you ;) Kea is an alpine parrot and a protected species and are mostly vegetarian but after what I heard and seen it eats everything...Rubber is a delicacy, so my shoes and the rubber on the car window was highlights.
It was a beautiful walk up to our base!
Oh yeah, this is where we stayed, in the middle of a mecca for hiking and riding!
Couldn't wait to wake up next morning to check this place out :)
Day 1: Nut cracker lift's took us into the valley. It was so peaceful, not many people around and specialy nobody interested in the same as us. Hiking to get to the good stuff ;)
Sam Smoothy and Aline ready to drop in on the peak beside me :) 
Minigolfing a bit the first morning, checking out the snow conditions to see if our icy days where over. And it was. Fraser McDougall heading for a sweetspot in between Sam's and mine bomb holes :)
Ready to hike to ski a line in the afternoon ;) Janina Kuzma and I about to start the climb  ;) With full on sugar snow with some ice and rock snacks under it took us a while and the sun moved fast..
Wanted to hit the spine stuff in the middle and it all worked out well until I hit some ice when passing rocks in the much edges and could'nt really turn much and a straighline had to come insteed of hitting my cliff..haha via very snowy wall..
Camilla got me when I was still in the nice sundown light and before icy and rocks took most of my attention..;) Check out her page with more pics and story!
Time to find the way back down to the lodge and the sweet dinner waiting for us :)
Day 2: Some technical issues with the tractor engine running the nut cracker so we got an our hangout at the "midstation" this morning, helping out getting the lift up and running. The clubfield is just equipped with exactly what you need so a lonely toilet was the priority ;)

Some warm up in the minigolf area before the entire crew climbed up to hit Mt.Temple. 
A beautiful self portrait halfway up to Mt.Temple. Yesss run of my trip ;) So goood!
Thanks to Volkl and the crew for an amazing trip. Its been an a blast and Im stoked for all I got to see and do the last 2 1/2 weeks :) Ill be back ;)
Now Im dealing with this stuff again...Cant believe she didn't like the weight of my skibag...
Oki, gotta go, four plains to catch..oh yeah..