Ane Rødberg Enderud

Svalbard/Spitsbergen-sailing the arctic

Back in my hometown Oslo after months on the go. Unpacking properly for the first time since February, damn nice. Skis gently placed in the basement and summer clothes and toys handy placed. I
passed Chamonix some days before a hot friendly Oslo weekend rolled up. Music festival downtown and adventure in the huge forest area, Marka, behind the city.

Sun and concerts in town
Our transport into the woods
Found the cabin at a sweet spot
Easy riding on the sledge
Svalbard was the coolest way of ending the winter season, so stoked to sail around the island with beautiful surroundings. No sundown and 24 ours of sun gives you chance to hit the mountains all night long, pretty cool.
Thanks to Keoki Flagg for the shots! Here's a few to give you an idea of the fantastic trip!
A seal enjoying the sun on a floating ice spot

 Tom Day is capturing the amazing surroundings and wildlife

Loved our way of moving on this trip, sailboat, zodiac, skins and rifle and we where good to go riding
Got to see alot of spots cruising around with the sailboat.

Hiking with Kim while the boat is catching some speed

Thanks to Doug and IcAxeExpeditions for putting this together. The crew and the skipper did a sweet job navigating us up along the west coast. Ice, polar bears and other aspects makes it handy with an experienced crew around. Time of my life for sure! Loved the surroundings and the concept of skiing Svalbard by sailboat.  Also check out Ice Axe's page for more from this trip and Keoki. Enjoy summer life! Stay tuned, peace